Saturday, February 14, 2015

Hello Love

This month I have been focusing a lot on love. Specifically, on CHOOSING LOVE and not shouting.(orange rhino project) I'm a bit of a yeller anyhow I think BUT, with a two story house and a very fun and LOUD toddler boy... someone seems to always be "yelling" about something.

Its been two weeks and things just feel so.... (sigh) .... nice. I am not sure how to put it really. But NICE seems to sum it up perfectly.

This month I have been also trying to capture more of our family through photos. Thank you Shelby for the reminder.

Oh and stay tuned for upcoming posts about homeschool, my spending fast, and life in an overpriced doll-sized house. I know, its some pretty good material coming up

We like to hang out after at the Zoo especially by these big guys. 

I'm happy they love each other so much. 

Some of our favorite people who homeschool too

do you know what that is? Its a meglodon. And one of our favorite extinct species. 
Megalodon is an extinct species of shark that lived approximately 15.9 to 2.6 million years ago, during the Cenozoic Era. (wiki)

These two are seven months old! 
They are mobile so we have got our hands... and our hearts... very full


Kim Kendall said...

They are absolutely cute and look like both Keo and Jaden.

Marcia Hansen said...

I'm so glad you home school. It's hard and you're amazing to do it but so worth it. Cutest twins ever. Love that pic

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