Thursday, October 08, 2015

Grandma's handmade dresses are better than that Matilda Jane stuff

My mom is really good at sewing stuff. All growing up our Halloween costumes were sewn. Our Easter dresses and flower girls dresses and now my kids blessing outfits are all made by her. And usually for birthdays and Christmas my girls are given a dress from their uber talented grandma.

Uber as in, a lot. Not as in Uber the not-taxi company.

Goldyn was not really into photos.

I blame the wet grass and the incoming molars. Although she is the more emotional twin.

Jaedyn twirled and jumped and romped around in the dress. Its gorgeous.

The twins are growing out of everything SO fast but I am glad they can wear the dresses as tunics as they get bigger.

And I didn't have to spend $50 at Matilda Jane.

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Marcia Hansen said...

Wow, those dresses are gorgeous. I could never do something like that oh wait I could but it would take months. Love the picture of Jaedyn jumping. Such pretty girls.

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