Friday, January 08, 2016

Christmas Past

We went to our first Moms of Multioples party in December. It was really quite the experiance. 
The decor, the food, the "snow" aka: bubbles
And all those twins and triplets!!! 
oh, and we got this gem on camera....

Having 4 kids does not seem like a big family to me. 
It hard for sure. But oh my, it's a whole lotta fun. 
And as a mom, i really like knowing that they will have each other down the road. 
Jaedyn is so godd at making people laugh. She is such a big helper and is really obedient and oh so creative. She is constantly coming up with new games to play or a story to be told 

Keo loves to explore. He could spend his whole life outside. He is the best protector and is great at keeping his little sisters safe. Those brown eyes of his just melt my heart and he seems to know exactly what to say to get OUT of trouble. He is only 3 and I know I am going to be in a world a trouble with him and his sneaky ways. And I can't wait. 

Ruby. She is easy going, can share a million words with one look and will happily do her own thing for hours. Goldyn can not do anything without Ruby. She is always on the lookout for her sister and also is the one to let us know what is on her mind. 

And this guy, my main squeeze. The kids and I just light up when he is around. Mom is not really the fun one. I am the one to make things all better when playing gets too rough and feelings need repaired. Dad is the go to man for stories at bedtime, tag, and bike riding. He is always up for an adventure and you can bet the kids take after him in so so many ways.

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marcia hansen said...

Wow, that was fun to read and get to know each of your kids even better. What sweet things to say about Mckay but I know that your just as hands on and involved if not more so. I've seen it first hand and love you for it.

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