Monday, February 29, 2016

That time before we were sick

Way back at the start of the month, we took a family hike to a nearby park. Now between the start of the month and now, we have basically been home-bound-quarantined-in-bed-sick. Yeah, it is about as awful as it sounds. 

We caught pink eye, then bronchitis, then sinus infection, ruptured ear drum, Roseola, mysterious hives, pink eye (again) and finally now, we can breathe and be around other humans. 

Oh man, except that the blooms are coming out and now we are dealing with allergies. 

At least they are not contagious! 

Looking at these photos make so happy. I am happy because its one of those times that I intentionally took photos. I just want to capture these moments and not forget them. 

It makes me happy to see reflected the love we all have for each other and love of life and sense of adventure. 

Childhood really is fleeting and should be fiercely protected. Families should have happy moments and parents should love and respect and delight one another. 

Summer is quickly approaching and that means that days like this won't happen because its just too hot and too muggy to be outside for hours on end. But the Houston winters? Well, now that is what we muscle through the summer months for. 

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